Our Resources
Strategic partner
Designated partner of China International Import Expo
Resource advantage
Link global resources to serve Chinese consumption
Major global producers of beef, poultry, lamb, pork, seafood and fruits and vegetables to establish global partnerships. These suppliers come from the European Union, Australia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina, Chile and Southeast Asian countries.
Customs inspection service and information consulting partner
The largest customs clearance agency service provider in China
The largest customs clearance agency in East China
Well-known information consulting service partners
Warehousing logistics
Cooperate with large domestic warehousing and logistics companies
Processing partners
Cooperate with famous meat processing plants in China
Global Coverage
Our chief product officer has been to Europe, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Thailand and Vietnam. He has traversed the rivers and mountains of the world. For customers and consumers to find fresh, high-quality, nutritious, healthy, safe and assured ingredients. From feeding, growth environment, picking, slaughtering and processing, packing and transportation and other links to achieve transparent traceability, and make the goods become vivid.
Resource Advantage
Key resources and supply chain integration, to form economies of scale, improve efficiency, the whole chain cost optimization
Integrating the standard of fresh food material dispersion, forming a credible standard system, bringing benefits to food safety
Integrate channels, combine batch and zero, and use B and C channels together to form the scale effect of aggregation "Hub". Channels take what they need from each other and bring cost advantages
Multi-protein, multi-variety, multi-channel, optimize supply chain, accurately match demand and supply
Buffer "Buffer" effect, multi-channel demand integration, unified distribution, no need for channel self-built inventory, cost saving
Integrate the demand of various channels, directly docking upstream resources, large volume, stable and reliable supply
Shorten the transfer link of cold chain logistics, reduce the circulation cost and reduce the risk of food safety
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