Our Channels
Nationwide coverage of local access; Omnichannel coverage
A.Wholesale Commodity
We work closely with local wholesalers to provide them with a wide range of quality fresh products, including a wide range of refrigerated, frozen meats, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits.
Wholesale sales also include distributors, wholesalers, vegetable farms, fresh supermarket chains.
Food Processing B2B
JWT provides processing plant customers with food raw materials from the best origin of the world
Food Service
Our catering service sales team provides fresh food for hotels, restaurants, catering clubs, coffee bars, airlines, railways, schools, hospitals, military, leisure catering, bars, fast food and other food channels of different sizes and nature.

Relying on the rich professional knowledge of the service team, close cooperation with global brand suppliers, we provide customers with a package of solutions and quality services.
Online, Offline and O2O Retail
Our retail customers include: Wal-Mart, Metro, RT-Mart, Auchan, Vanguard, City Supermarket, CP Lotus, Wankelong, Sam's Club and other international and domestic hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores, etc. At the same time, we also cover most of the fresh e-commerce customers.
Solutions for Customers
Build processing centers to convert bulk products into consumer products to meet the needs of retail and e-commerce customers.
Provide customized and ready-to-cook products and solutions to catering customers through the central kitchen.
Establish a global sourcing platform to help retailers upgrade their fresh product categories through product differentiation and quality safety.
Build high-end product portfolio, meet the demand of e-commerce for high-end fresh products, promote online and offline fresh business, and provide cross-border e-commerce services.
Standardized solutions are provided to catering customers through central kitchen and gathering capacity.
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