Our brand
Our Mission
Focus on fresh food industry
Our Vision
Supply chain platform linking upstream and downstream resources
Our Core Value
Dedication to Customers’ Success
Customer first is the first response
Stand in the customer's point of view, from the win-win starting point to consider the problem
Service first, there is no best, only better
From providing services to providing solutions
From service excellence to caring about the customer experience
Proactive, proactive service awareness
Respect and understand customer values
People Orientated
People are a company's most important asset
Human life is above all other commercial interests
Respect others, understand others, care for others, everyone is equal
Trust, respect for the privacy and beliefs of others
Pay attention to talent development, provide training, personal and company growth together
Develop people's enthusiasm and creativity to create a learning organization
A sense of ownership, a sense of belonging
Create a non-judgmental work environment
Concern for human safety, health and sustainable development
Love yourself, care about your community, and encourage the public good
Integrity and Honesty
Be honest, honest and sincere
Objective and fair
Based on facts, seek truth from facts, do not talk big empty talk
Don't just give advice without giving suggestions
Call a spade a spade. Don't talk in public or behind your back
Admit mistakes, take responsibility and correct them in time
Focus on things, not people, and don't bring personal preferences to work
The behaviors that harm the interests of the company and customers should be stopped
Give constructive suggestions before the decision, and support the group decision after the decision
Stop jerry-building, counterfeiting, quality and price fraud
Law-abiding business, do not cooperate with illegal customers
The business report should reflect the business as it is
Speed and Effectiveness
Change numerous for brief
The world's martial arts, only fast can not break
Responsibility and Accountability
I am good at solving problems efficiently with teamwork
Shorten meetings, manage your time, and respect others' time
Open simple communication channels
Give full power to decision-making, give full play to autonomy, and stimulate the internal energy of individuals and organizations
Adapt Change and Innovation
Adapt to changes in the company without complaining
Face the change, full communication, wholehearted cooperation
Facing the problems brought about by changes, we should encourage each other, positively influence each other and take the lead in solving them
Forward-looking consciousness, encourage new methods and new ideas in work
Encourage creative change and incubate innovative projects
Be Passionate
Adhere to the dream

A waiver cannot be passed in any form
Withstand setbacks without fear of grievance
Positive energy, not negative energy
Learn from your mistakes and persevere
Self-motivation, self-renewal
Our brand
JWT focus on perishable food industry. We are a data-driven platform of supply-chain management to facilitate retailing & catering operation and enable omni channels in China. Providing below service: product processing, aggregated sourcing, storage & transportation, financial support and consumer branding.
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Email: athena.zhang@jwt-foods.com
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