Products & Services
Nature, Nutrition, health and safety
We source grass-fed and grain-fed beef from the world's leading brands. The products are sourced from grasslands and farms in Australia, USA, Brazil, New Zealand and other countries with the best marbling grades and rich flavors.
The best lamb, raised on fully open dedicated farms in Australia, Brazil and New Zealand, is all purebred and naturally fed. We work with world premium brands and vertically integrated suppliers.
Red meat:
We purchase clenbuterol free pork from different continents with a steady supply throughout the year.
We only provide the best clenbuterol free and finely cut pork to our customers.
We work with the most influential brands in the world and have a continuous supply capacity to ensure quality and stability.
We work with the most prestigious poultry brands, including chicken cuts and Turkey products, to deliver the freshest, safest quality, rustic texture and taste.
Our products are sourced from resource-rich waters around the world, including the United States, the European Union, Asia Pacific and Africa.
Our raw materials and processed seafood are delivered fresh.
We offer the most famous brands of fish, shrimp, crustaceans and soft-bodied fresh seafood to our customers.
Vegetables & Fruits
Vegetables and fruits are an important mix in healthy dining. Our farms and suppliers carefully select brands from around the world to offer a variety of nutritious, fresh, single-frozen vegetables and fruits to our customers.
Global collection and export trade
Research and development of fresh consumer goods
Logistics services/supply chain management services
Production of value-added processed goods
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